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Monday morning: giveaway winner & other exciting news!

Good morning everyone~ what a beautiful day it is for us in Kodiak. We woke up to a winter wonderland, now if only it lasts (or at leasts returns) by Saturday for my Holiday mini-sessions, I’ll be feeling pretty darn lucky! Now on to what you really want to know- the giveaway winner. Using, the lucky winner is comment #7, who is: Krystal M– “I’d love to be a member on Clickin Moms! I love following them on Facebook & have several friends who are members on it. I just haven’t taken the plunge…yet.” So Krystal, if you can contact me in the next 48-hours, I’ll get you set-up with ClickinMoms membership, Congratulations!! They have a great forum, filled with so much useful information, I hope you enjoy it!

On the topic of ClickinMoms, I received an email from them last week, that said:  “We are pleased to announce that at least one of your images was chosen to be included in ClickinMom’s next print publication, Laughter. The book has already gone to print and we expect it to be ready to ship sometime in the next week or two….I am so excited for you to see this book.  It is AMAZING!  Congratulations and thank you for sharing your work!” So, as you can imaging, I was pretty much ecstatic after reading this (& still am!). I cannot wait to see the book, I’m still not sure which image is being published. I think I submitted 5, it might have been 3 because I can only remember 3 of them…in my defense, I submitted them a long time ago, but yes, my memory is just about out the window. Between my two boys & being pregnant, I have almost given up on remembering things, thankfully I have a lot of sticky notes & dry-erase boards floating around my house…If you want to order “Laughter,” here is the link the CM Store. Right now, the book is on sale (only until tomorrow!) & you get a free gift with your purchase.

My work was also featured on Let the Kids Dress Themselves last Thursday. It’s the chalk series I did of my boys that I’m in love with, so you can imagine my excitement when I received their email telling me they’d love to use my submission! Be sure to check it out & check out their whole blog- it is full of incredible photography. There are two things I love about their site- 1. there’s a lot of film photographers featured & 2. the photography is amazing, it stands out because it’s different.

Okay, I promise my bragging is almost over…I feel like I’m going on a bit too much, but a lot of exciting things happened in the past week & I just can’t help but share! The Alaska-based magazine AK Rhythm has been published & I am one of their featured photographers (okay, that’s not new news), but you can actually order the magazine now & see my work in print.

Happy Monday morning everyone~ hope you have a fabulous week & I’m hoping I get caught up on here this week…I’ve got lots of posts coming to you!

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